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Suggested Activities for 15th - 19th of June

Junior & Senior Infants - Learning Activities Infants
1st and 2nd Classes - Learning Activities 1st/2nd

3rd Class - Learning Activities 3rd

Suggested Learning Activities for 8th - 12th of June

Junior & Senior Infants - Learning Activities Infants
1st and 2nd Classes - Learning Activities 1st/2nd

3rd Class - Learning Activities 3rd

Suggested Learning Activities for 2nd - 5th of June

Junior & Senior Infants - Learning Activities Infants
1st and 2nd Classes - Learning Activities 1st/2nd

3rd Class - Learning Activities 3rd

Message from the Principal - 2nd of June

Dear Parents,
I hope you are all well and enjoying the glorious weather. It's hard to believe that we are in June already.
 On advice form the Department of Education, we will be continuing to set work for our pupils for the next two weeks. After that we will begin to wind down and set easier, fun tasks for the last week and a half. We had been due to get our holidays on the the 24th of June. As usual, it is up to you, the parent, to decide how much or how little academic work your child does each week. 
We would encourage you to send a photo by email/facebook message of a sample of the work that your child does if possible.
School reports will be posted out in two weeks' time. These will be based on the time your child spent in school this year.
We are delighted to inform you that our school was chosen to participate in a pilot programme for schoolbooks. This means that we received extra funding towards the purchase of books for the next school year. You will not have to pay for book rental in September and will only have to pay for copies and workbooks, thus greatly reducing your book bill for September. Some good news at last!
I will be in conatct with all of you over the next week or two but in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way.
Kind Regards,
Fiona & Staff

Suggested Learning Activities for 25th - 29th of May (Junior Room)

Junior and Senior Infants: Learning Activities Infants
First and Second Classes: Learning Activities 1st/2nd


Message from the Principal - 25th of May

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of May already. We hope that you and all of your family are keeping well.

Suggested learning activities for this week have been added to the website above and to Edmodo for the Senior Classes. Remember it is up to you, the parent, to decide how much work your child does each week. Circumstances may vary from week to week and sometimes your child (or yourself) may need a break from the work. You will know best.

Thanks to all who have responded to the online questionnaire. If you haven’t had a chance to fill it in yet, we would appreciate if you could do so before the end of the week.

Teachers will be in the school building this week and we will arrange pick up times for you to collect the resources requested by some of the children.

Fair play to you all and to all of the children for persevering with the school work at home. We realise it is difficult but we love seeing all the work the children are doing and their creativity – it really is a credit to you all so keep the photos coming if you can.

Once again, we would like to remind you to please get in touch if we can do anything at all to assist your child or family during these difficult times.

Kind Regards,

Fiona & Staff



Suggested Learning Activities for Junior Room Classes 
(18th - 22nd of May)

Junior and Senior Infants: Learning Activities Infants
First and Second Classes: Learning Activities 1st/2nd

A short video for all of our pupils.


Suggested Learning Activities for Junior Room Classes 
(11th - 15th of May)

Junior and Senior Infants: Learning Activities Infants
First and Second Classes: Learning Activities 1st/2nd

Message from the Principal - 5th of May

Dear Parents,
As we continue through these surreal times, we can only reiterate that we hope that you and all of your families are keeping safe and well.
You may have heard that it has now been offically announced that we will not return to school until September. We had no prior knowlege of this, we only hear it on the news when you do. We will continue to provide suggested learning activities for your child/children on a weekly basis and again, we remind you that it is up to you as parents that they do as much as is realistic for them to do at home. Senior room students should continue to work on Edmodo and keep up the great work that they have been doing. 
It is difficult for all of the children as they miss their friends, but it is especially difficult for 6th class pupils who have been deprived of many of the memories associated with their last year in Primary School. We will endeavour to continue to support them for the rest of the year and with their transition to secondary school.
We will also invite them to school for a graduation event, when it is deemed safe to do so, later in the year. 
We are inviting you all to send a photo of your child/children working at home (whether it be school work, baking, art, exercising, farming, chores etc.) We are hoping to put a little video together so that they can all see all of their friends. If some are camera shy, they could just send a photo of a card or a message they have written for all students or a photo of some work or of a drawing/project they have done. Some people have already sent photos and so do not need to send again unless they want to send others. Photos can be sent to the school email address or to the school facebook page by private message or Senior Room pupils can send them through Edmodo. (before Friday 8th)
We hope that all of our pupils are keeping well and ask you to please get in contact if we can be of any assistance at all. 

Kind Regards,

New Admissions Policy:

Under the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act 2018, the Board of Management was asked to draft a new Admissions Policy. This is now available for consultation with you, the parents of Cloughfin N.S.  The draft policy is available for viewing here Admissions Policy You may comment through the feedback form beneath the policy up until and including Wednesday 29th of April. Many thanks.

Message from the Principal - 19th of April 2020

Dear Parent,

We hope you and yours are keeping well in these strange times. Please tell the children we miss them and hope to see them in the not so distant future.

At the moment we do not have any idea when we will be given a return date and although there is a lot of false speculation, it is important that we take it on a week to week basis until we are given official confirmation. However, I cannot see a return before June at the earliest.

Junior Room:
Work for the Junior Room for this week will be put up on the school website shortly. Ms. McEleney has also posted some worksheets to all of her pupils and you should receive these from An Post on Monday or Tuesday. We will also be posting some workbooks to all Junior Room pupils but we are waiting for them to be delivered.

Senior Room:
Senior Room work will be added to the Online Learning Platform Edmodo before tomorrow. I have created some videos especially for Maths and Irish which may help explain the topics for this week. Quizzes/assessments will be added during the week. We have also ordered some workbooks for these pupils and they will be posted out in due course.

If your child finds any worksheet/activity too difficult – leave it and keep a note of this. We will go over this work with them when they return to school. There is no point in causing unnecessary stress for you or your child.

As mentioned before, these are only suggested activities for your child. We have to make some work available but it’s up to you how much or how little they do. However, we would strongly encourage that some reading should be done every day or read stories to younger children.

If you feel your circumstances have changed and would now like a food pack of non-perishable goods delivered to you under the Schools Meals Programme (Pasta, Cereal, Bread etc.) please email the school confidentially for more information or fill in the Contact Us form below.

The Board of Management has been asked to add a new Admissions Policy to the school website so that parents can view it before it is sent to the patron. This will be available for viewing before the end of the week. You are asked to contact the school before 28th of April should you have any concerns regarding this policy.

If you have any worries regarding your child/children, would like to seek advice or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact any of the teachers.

Ms. McEleney –  berniemceleney@outlook.com

Ms. Farry & Ms. Long – scoilcholmcille@hotmail.com

Finally, each child will catch up properly on school work when they return to school. Every child in the country is in the same boat. The priority is that your child/children and family circle are safe and healthy. This will eventually pass and normality will return. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and don’t be afraid to contact us.

Best wishes,

Fiona & staff.


Easter Holidays

No homework for the Easter Holidays. Please check back on Monday 20th of April for updates.


A message to all parents from the principal. (March 27th)


Dear Parent,

We hope that you and your family are keeping safe in these unprecedented, worrying times.

As you may be aware schools will now remain closed until the 20th of April at the earliest.

We do not want you to worry about school work during these times. The most important thing you can do for your child/children is to keep them safe and practise social distancing.

Whilst we have provided links for online learning and have the online learning platform Edmodo for the senior pupils, any work assigned is optional. We will also be posting some work for the Junior Room pupils on the school website from next Monday.  It is up to you what tasks you wish them to perform.

We are continuing to update the learning links for each class so please check them and the school website regularly.

They will not fall behind. We will do our very best to make up for lost time when we return to school. Keep in mind all of the activities that your child is doing at home from free play, to lego, to art, to helping around the house – these are all forms of learning. Reading stories together or reading books is one of the most valuable activities at this time.

If however, you do not have access to printing facilities, good internet or sufficient devices or books and would like some printed worksheets please email the school today or tomorrow (March 28th) at the latest and I can make up some for you. I can arrange to leave them in the shed where you can collect it whenever suits you. (following appropriate HSE guidelines)

Again do not stress about school work, just ensure that you and yours are safe.

Please feel free to email the school at any stage if you have any questions or want advice. If at all possible we will do whatever we can to assist you.

Kind Regards,

Fiona & the staff of Cloughfin N.S.

School Email: scoilcholmcille@hotmail.com or use the Contact Us form below.


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